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blood breath and spit [Jun. 23rd, 2007|09:18 am]
[music |buck 65 - centaur]

we (katie & I) missed the bus to bonaroo and then decided to drive to tenesseee, and then remembered there was a blacksburg bus the next and stopped there, and then we bought a paint by numbers unicorn and did it in the park. we called winnie chao and somehow got offered a place to camp overnight next to a trampoline, and a bed inside the apartment of the tech rugby girls. we had a dance party with them and caught the bus the next morning.
moral of the story: things work out.
moral of other stories: there are rappers with pink knee socks.
next up: blue ridge mountains and mud and kids for two months.

rachel miller
Shiloh Quaker Camp
PO Box 89
Hood, VA 22723
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badass through and through. [Sep. 29th, 2006|06:08 pm]
[music | damien jurado – ohio]

slowly working my way up the hardcore scale:

sunday: playing rugby in the rain at tech.

tuesday: stabing my thumb about a quarter inch deep with a hypodermic needle in chem lab, being fine, and finishing the lab anyways.
drinking two liters of mountain dew, two cups of coffee, a dr pepper, and a sobe adreneline rush.
and then throwing up.

wensday: taking a quantum physics test on one of hour of sleep.
holding a press conference.
being enough of a threat to national security that the military recruitment center locked us out all day.
sat in for gay rights.
was informed by the police that we were holding the military recruitment center "hostage".
making charlottesville's NBC and CBS 5 and 6 oclock news.

thursday: making front page of the cav daily part I.
trying to join the air force part II.
getting arrested for trespassing and getting a court date in october.
wyatt and I occupying over 50% of the on duty charlottesville police force. (I am not joking.)
being on the noon news live. (who trusts me on live television>?)
getting this girl to pick me up from jail.
going to classes the same day I got arrested.
mud wrestling in the quad.
making NBC and CBS at 5, 6 and 11, again.

friday: making front page of cav daily part II.
finding kc and jo jo's "all my life" in the music in my computer, underneath kanye west.

I guess badasses just can't help being badass.
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felonies [Aug. 13th, 2006|09:12 am]
[music |the weepies - gotta have you]

wenesday included:
a press conference
trying to enlist in the air force
ice cream
talking to more press
wyatt tripping and getting a compound fracture with 4 breaks above his elbow (yeah uh, wyatt. I think your shoulder is just, uh. dislocated.)
riding in the front seat of an ambulance
watching myself on NBC 29 in the ER waiting room ("oh my god this girl, in the waiting room. she is on the tv. she is on the tv. yeah, rachel miller. rachel miller wants to join the airforce.")
watching part of a vampire movie on tv and emailing updates to local press

my favorite quote from the media:
"Withrow informed her that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” prohibits her from joining, and refused to allow her to fill out an application. Later recounting the situation, Withrow said, “That would be the same as saying ‘Yes, I just got out of jail for five years.’ It’s not that extreme … [but] there was no reason to probe any further.”"

moving back to charlottesville thursday.
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wikipedia [Aug. 1st, 2006|10:30 pm]
[music |the jealous girlfriends - lay around]

I got an email in my uva account from someone who had read the article I was in two years ago about girls in science. I asked her how she found me.
"According to wikipedia, a lot of TJ grads go to UVA, so I tried the directory, and there were like two others, but one was a grad student, so I just crossed my fingers."
hahahhahahahhahahahah come on that is funny right
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july?? already????? [Jul. 7th, 2006|12:39 pm]
uhhh, it's nice to know that I could go to the pharmecy this morning with an eye infection and without having showered in a day in cargo shorts and a sweat shirt, and still get hit on by the guy filling out my prescription for antibiotics and eye drops. I wish I had glasses and I had been wearing them. that would have made it better.

but well, I did like going to the mountains, and stars and campfires. and little baby christmas trees. (I know I sound like the sound of music. shutup about it.) and antibiotics>. and thinking about warm hands.

I am sick.

I am sick.

I am sick.

fireworks light up the sky, but not as well as watching lightning travel through clouds like x-ray ribs.
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boring baby [Jun. 29th, 2006|07:40 pm]
[music |tv on the radio - blues from down here]

cds I listen to a lot this summer:
tv on the radio - return to cookie mountain
ben arthur - edible darling
kings of leon - aha shake heartbreak
ani difranco - up up up up up
atmosphere - you can't imagine how much fun we're having
felt - a tribute to lisa bonnet

but mostly I am sick of listening to my own mix cds. so.

help me make a summer mix, and then I will send you a copy.

well if you want to know anything else about my life, just ask. for example, why I am really into music again. well, the answer would be I have a REAL JOB. well sort of. the type where I sit at a desk for eight hours a day but can listen to music eight hours a day. and then by the time I drive home, I really just want to have the exactly right driving home in summer music that I can listen to in sunglasses.

what do I do for a job you might ask.
I find arabic documents online, like radical islamic terrorist forums, and download them, and translate them into english (with the help of a computer), pull out the key concepts (people places actions etc), make relationships between them. catch terrorists. make databases. do things.

so rachel how is your summer you might ask.
I am so emotional. all the rain made me feel lonely and nauseous. and then sometimes I sit on front porches and breathe and god, it is summer, or I am driving home with sunglasses and god it is summer.
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half-assed [Jun. 19th, 2006|04:21 pm]
[music |ben arthur - end of the day]

I saw ani difranco in concert at the 930 club. she is a genius. yeah, what else is new.

I work right next to Arlington courthouse. sometimes I see Bailey, a black lab puppy. Bailey is going to be a bomb-sniffing dog. right now Bailey is a kibble-detecting dog. I don’t know why I like that so much.
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driver improvement program. [May. 27th, 2006|05:50 pm]
[music |kt tunstall - suddenly I see]

I took the driver improvement program on evergreen lane. evergreen lane is only about two blocks long- everywhere on it is within walking distance of my house. but I also had driven past it enough to know that there aren't any real offices on evergreen lane, just a whole bunch of offices that look like they used to be townhouses with korean signs. but, what can I say. it was close. I wasn't expecting much. the instructor and half the class were korean; the other half were senior boys from annandale. and then there was one forty year old indian man who wouldnt stop itching his pants, or falling asleep, and then one time he touched my bare foot with his socked foot.
there was this video we watched all day long. with ten minute breaks. the video asked what to do when approaching an oncoming vehicle that wouldn't turn off its brights, and then paused for an answer. when no one volenteered, the video us the answer. you should turn off our own brights, and just watch the right hand side of the road. the instructor stopped the video, and asked us how many people would actually do that. because before he knew how to drive well, he used to leave his brights on and drive as close as possible to the oncoming car, "to teach them a lesson". another brief pause. "but don't do that. look to the right." then he gave us the test you have to pass at the end three hours early, so we could take some of the answers from the video as it played. and then look up the rest of the answers in the paper book.
the three annandale boys were talking about how, did you know, terry was pregnant, "and about to pop." when every one got buddy buddy and started talking, I found out they were all in for reckless. in fact, when everybody got buddy buddy and I came in from outside, they were all trading answers. well, the whole room was. the man who played footsie with me asked me what the answer to question two was. and then question three. five. six. eight. nine. then I put on my headphones. put on your fucking shoes buddy.
so we had finished the test before we even started the last video. three people were talking on their cell phones. they were missing the best section, on brakes. "a car without breaks will keep moving, unless stopped by an outside agent." with a picture of a police car. hahahahha get it. newtons law of inertia except with the police. they also missed the section about alcohol, with special suggestions for parties. "serving drinks so strong they make your guests' eyes water will impress no one." "dont try to push drinks on your guests. if you want to push something, serve orderves such as cheese and crackers, or chips and dip." thanks, video, for telling me how to throw a happening party. thanks.
the bathroom was red in the worst paint job I have ever seen in my life, but the trim was all nice. the shelf behind the toilet had a bunch of empty perfume bottles? and a small sharks tooth in a glass case? and there was an electric toothbrush next to the sink?
I have never been so nervous leaving a parking lot as leaving a parking lot full of reckless drivers, and after watching five hours of videos about how easy it is to get into car crashes.
but whatever.
I mean like, the instructor let us out two hours early.
and I am so serious about everything.
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how come studying for physics is more important than going to student health. [May. 8th, 2006|10:09 am]
[music |melissa etheridge - you can sleep while I drive]

I woke up this morning and my throat hurt agggaaaaaiiin. and I still sleep all the time. even though I am halfway through my antibiotic treatment. oh god strep throat just goo awwwaayyy. and I dont have time to go to student health again. I am dyyyyiinnnggg.
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close to the speed of light your heart slows down relative to everyone elses [May. 3rd, 2006|12:48 pm]
[music |jose gonzalez - heartbeats]

strep throat is making me appreciate the small things, like lying in bed all day and putting off studying. and THANK GOD for these tiny little things called antibiotics. I mean, normally I am anti-medication, but these guys have been nothing short of amaazzzing. I am trying really hard not to take the next 27 of them right now, even though I know that is not how antibiotics work. that is how excited I am about antibiotics.

I have been awake for about four hours straight, which doesnt sound like a lot but it is a lot for me, and I even copied the answers to both the old chemistry tests, went to a biology review session, and looked at a couple old physics lectures on relativity. packed up two boxes and two suitcases to take home, and started pulling out my carpet. that is more than I have worked the past three days combined, almost.

and I have a sundress picked out for a garden party, anddd I get to go home and have my mom take care of me. and. yeah. and. I think I am too dizzy to think about anything else. and, yeaeh. just yeah.
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